Waiver - Facility Access The MILL/Area 01 Dabble Lab/The 8
Facility Access

Please read the following waiver carefully
We're excited you want to make with HFS Perks & Recreation spaces!
Our user agreement is designed to give you the important details of using our amenity spaces, including the Area 01 Community Center and McCarty Innovation and Learning Lab (The MILL) and the McMahon 8 Community Center (The 8).  Depending on what you want to do in these spaces, you may need to complete additional training before being able to fully access all of our equipment. Please visit our websites (The MILL: https://hfs.uw.edu/The-MILL or Area 01: https://www.washington.edu/area01/ ) to understand what training may be required.
Please carefully review all of the details in the below user agreement and fill out all of the required information.  Once your user agreement has been submitted, your information will be put into our database and stored. Should this user agreement be updated at any time, you will be required to submit it again.
Please carefully review the terms and conditions of this user agreement, as outlined below:
This Facility Use Agreement (“Agreement”) is between the University of Washington (UW) and the user identified by completing this online form while logged in with their UW NetID ("USER") or in-person when prompted by a staff member through HFS amenities access control software regarding the USER's shared use of the Area 01 Community Center and/or McCarty Innovation and Learning Lab and/or The 8, spaces operating on the principal campus of the University of Washington in Seattle, Washington from the date of submission of this online form.
Area 01, The MILL, and The 8 are Housing & Food Services (HFS) facilities open to all HFS residential students, UW students, and UW staff and faculty that are at least 18 years of age.  All individuals wishing to use Area 01 or The MILL that are under the age of 18 must have a parent/guardian sign a liability waiver.
Safety and Security:  Although Area 01, The MILL, and The 8 provide some online general safety training, as well as online training on the safe and proper use of specific equipment, the USER assumes responsibility to plan and perform work in such a way as to ensure their own personal safety as well as the safety of others in the Facility. As a condition of access, USER understands and agrees to abide by the following rules which are intended to protect all users of the space:
  • All Posted and Online Area 01, The MILL, and The 8 Policies, Procedures, and Guidelines
  • HFS Community Standards: https://hfs.uw.edu/Housing-Agreements
  • Student Conduct Code for the University of Washington: http://www.washington.edu/admin/rules/policies/WAC/478-121TOC.html
  • Policies and Guidelines on Safe Computing: https://itconnect.uw.edu/security/security-and-privacy-policies/
Cost of Use:  No fees are charged for the use of Area 01, The MILL, and The 8 for HFS residential students.  No fees are charged for the use of The MILL or The 8 for UW students. All UW Students that meet Facility use requirements, but are not HFS residents, must pay a $25 per quarter access fee to access Area 01. All USER’s that are designated as Faculty or Staff, must pay a $25 per quarter access fee to access Area 01, The MILL, and The 8.  In the cases that fees are required, they will be due to each Facility separately. Fees are non-refundable, non-transferable, and are not prorated.
Intellectual Property Rights: Use of Area 01, The MILL, and The 8 does not create any intellectual property obligations for the USER; in other words, no new “strings” are added by use of the facilities.
Any existing Intellectual Property (“IP”) obligations that apply to what a USER brings into or creates in Area 01, The MILL, and The 8 cannot be eliminated simply by use of the facilities, however.  For example, IP obligations from an employment agreement or employer policy, whether that employer is UW or a private company, may apply to what a USER creates in Area 01, The MILL, and The 8 (or what that USER creates at home in their garage) if that creation is related to their work for that employer.
Further detail for UW employees and students regarding existing general IP obligations to UW can be found in Executive Order 36 (Patent, Invention, and Copyright Policy).
For the sake of clarity, the use of the Area 01, The MILL, and The 8 facility, equipment, supplies, or staff support will not create any obligation for UW employees and students to report inventions or assign said inventions to the University.
We require that each USER initial the following statements as an indication that this position is understood and accepted:
Acknowledgement of Risk and Consent for Treatment:  In offering the Area 01 facility, The MILL facility, The 8 facility, UW will make an effort to inform users of the health risks involved in the space and helping them mitigate those risks. However, UW cannot assume any responsibility for damage to or loss of property, personal illness, injury, or death of a user, or emergency response related to any facility activities.

USER understands and acknowledges that USER’s activities in the Area 01, The MILL, and The 8 may expose USER to risks including discomfort, inconvenience, serious and permanent injury or disability, death, and/or loss of or damage to personal property as a result of, but not limited to, traumatic injury from equipment and tools; exposure to heat, flame, electrical current, or fumes; tripping on cords, materials or other obstacles; or emergency first aid treatment on-site.

USER acknowledges that there are certain risks inherent in using this University facility, including but not limited to those indicated in this section. USER acknowledges that not all risks can be prevented and assumes those risks beyond the control of the University staff. USER represents that they are able, with or without accommodation, to use the Area 01, The MILL facility, and The 8, and to use the equipment and/or supplies required.
Should USER require emergency medical treatment as a result of accident or illness arising from using the facility, USER consents to such treatment.  USER acknowledges that the University of Washington does not purchase health and accident insurance for USER’s. USER agrees to be financially responsible for any medical bills incurred as a result of using the facility.  USER acknowledges that they have been advised to purchase medical insurance. USER acknowledges that they have been advised to discuss this activity with their medical provider and has the option to provide the facility manager with written information regarding medical conditions that could affect USER’s safe use of equipment, or about which emergency medical personnel should be informed.
Termination:  Access to Area 01 and The MILL facilities are a privilege and may be suspended, restricted or have conditions placed upon it by UW at any time and for any reason, including violations of HFS, University of Washington, Area 01, The MILL, The 8, and the data security policies referenced above, or for other violations of law and University policy, at the discretion of the staff of Area 01 or The MILL.  Access is automatically terminated when USER is no longer either employed or registered as a student at the UW. This Agreement must be re-executed if any updates have been provided or at the discretion of Area 01 and The MILL staff. No use of Area 01 or The MILL shall extend beyond the termination date of Agreement without prior written approval of UW.
I confirm that I am at least 18 years of age, and hereby accept the terms of the Facility Use Agreement.

The USER certifies that they have completed any online training requirements (for Area 01 Dabble Lab, The MILL, and The 8) and received a satisfactory score (80%) for completion.

The USER certifies that they have fully read, understood and will abide by all policies referenced in this Agreement and any attachments.

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